Opendesk is not another office furniture company, but a global platform for local making – an online marketplace that hosts independently designed furniture and connects its customers to local makers around the world. Rather than mass manufacturing and shipping worldwide, we’re building a distributed and ethical supply chain through a global network of makers using CNC routers and standardised sheet materials. We give emerging, independent designers an opportunity to connect with a global network of makers and customers.

The ways people work are evolving rapidly, alongside the technology that allows us to do so from anywhere at any time. As these fluid practices become normal, workplaces have to work hard themselves to keep up with diverse activities and fluctuating numbers of people coming and going – sitting, standing, eating, meeting and sharing information with each other or their screens with members working remotely.

At Opendesk we have an open plan studio in London, and team members in France, China and Canada – as well as working regularly with designers and makers across the world. We’ve recognised that the openness of our studio fosters great relationships and collaboration between team members, but we still require a structure to the space as well as flexibility. We’ve aimed to create areas of varied use and privacy level to cater to the myriad of working styles and preferences of a diverse group.

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